Cadbury Treasure Eggs

Cadbury Treasure Eggs

Cadbury Treasure Eggs, foil wrapped hollow eggs with two, filled, mini chocolate eggs inside.


Inside each egg is the “treasure”, two chocolate mini eggs; the Dairy Milk egg as two solid eggs inside, the Caramel egg two mini Caramel eggs and the Mini Eggs egg two large mini eggs – large compared to the Mini Eggs in a bag.

The eggs inside the Cadbury Treasure Eggs are quite small, less than half the size of a Cadbury Creme Eggs, but not too disappointing given how cheap they are.

Each egg is approximately 135mm tall and 80mm wide, so they are a good size for Easter Egg Hunts or treats for kids.

£1.95, 142g each.

Labelled: Vegetarian and Gluten Free.

Cadbury Treasure Eggs Gift Sets

The Treasure Eggs are sold individually or in larger gift sets; the Cadbury Egg Collection has one of each of the Treasure Eggs and three Eggheads, which are hollow milk chocolate eggs with faces.

Cadbury Egg Collection

Cadbury Mini Eggs Gift Set

Cadburys Mini Eggs gift set includes the Mini Eggs Treasure Egg, in a gift bag, a Cadbury Mini Eggs Easter egg and Mini Eggs in a tube and bag.

The Caramel Treasure Egg is included in Cadburys Largest Easter Egg Hamper.