Cadbury Easter Eggs in Bulk

You never know when you might need forty-five Cadbury Easter Eggs! And if you do know when you might need a lot of chocolate eggs, then the Cadbury Easter Egg, medium sized egg, assortment could be just what you are looking for.

Buy a lot of Cadbury Easter Eggs

Bulk buying Easter eggs is an economical way to get Easter eggs even cheaper, you don’t even need to be a company or organisation to buy them you can group together with friends or family and still get the discount, and as these are the most popular varieties of the Cadburys Easter Eggs, everyone will be happy.

The assortment contains a selection of Cadbury Mini Eggs Egg, Dairy Milk Buttons Egg, Cadbury Flake Egg, Dairy Milk Caramel Egg and Crunchie Egg. You can ask for specific eggs, but they can’t guarantee what you will get – so it’s a kind of lucky Easter egg dip! All are the medium sized boxed eggs from Cadbury.

The price is for 45 assorted Cadbury eggs, thats works out as £3.60 each – they are great for promotions, giveaways or even an Easter Egg hunt, depending on the weather over the Bank Holiday Weekend.

£161.90, for 45 medium sized Cadbury Easter Eggs.