Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt Pack

Create your own Easter egg hunt at home or in the park with the Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt Pack from Cadbury Gifts Direct.

Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt Pack

The egg hunt pack contains ten hollow chocolate eggs, wrapped in brightly coloured foils, and a small bag of Cadbury Mini Eggs as the prize.

The box is shaped like a basket, with a handle, and on the back of the box are four cut-out “trail markers” so you can place clues for your Easter egg hunters to find.

If you do want to use the boxes as colleting baskets you will need a Cadbury Easter Egg Trail Pack per child, or one for two to children share – but there is a small problem, if you cut out the little sign posts you then have a basket with holes in! So you can either make your own makers and clues, buy some extra packs to cut up or use something else to collect the eggs in.

£4.09, 229g from Cadbury Gifts Direct or ocado.

Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt Kits

The Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt Pack is ideal for small Easter egg hunts with one or two children, but for more children or even the whole family there are larger sets which also in the Trail Pack.

Cadbury Easter Egg Gift Hamper
Cadbury Easter Egg Gift Pack

Boths set contain small Easter eggs and chocolate from Cadbury’s Easter range which can be used a prizes or as part of your Easter egg hunt.