Booja Booja Luxury Champagne Organic Truffle Egg

Booja Booja - Luxury Champagne Truffle Egg

Twelve of the legendary Champagne flavoured Booja Booja organic chocolate truffles in a, 6” / 15cm, hand-painted and ribbon tied ornamental egg.

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These extremely popular dark chocolate truffle cubes are made with 56% cocoa and a dash of Champagne and then dusted in the finest cocoa powder, creating a light and soft truffle with a bitter taste, from the outer layer, that melts away into a smooth and creamy centre with a hint of alcohol. Simple, but beautiful.

The chocolate truffles are fabulous and the eggs they come in are rather special too; handmade and intricately hand painted in the Kashmir region, the papier mâché eggs are made by different artists and families making each egg unique and collectable.

A selection of Booja Booja egg designs

The Booja Booja Champagne Truffle Easter egg comes in two sizes, this being the large version with 13 truffles, the smaller egg has three truffles and also comes in two other flavours Espresso and Hazelnut Crunch – all three flavours are vegan, dairy free, organic, wheat & gluten free.

If you are not a fan of dark chocolate I urge you to try these, the cocoa powder does give that sharp bitter cocoa taste which tends to put people off, but the centres are divine and the Champagne is not overpowering at all – everyone who has tried these, that I know at least, have loved or enjoyed them whether they liked dark chocolate or not.

£25.95, 150g.

Labelled: Organic, Vegan / Dairy Free and Gluten Free.