Booja-Booja Banoffee Toffee Easter Egg

Delicious Booja Booja chocolate truffles flavoured with banana and toffee, dusted with cocoa powder and presented in a beautiful papier-mâché egg shaped box as the Booja-Booja Banoffee Toffee Easter Egg

Booja-Booja Banoffee Toffee Easter Egg

Booja Booja Easter eggs are just as much about the papier-mâché eggs as the chocolate truffles inside, each egg is unique. Handmade and hand painted by artisans of the Persian Dowry in Kashmir, India.

For more information of the Persian Dowry company and how buying Booja-Booja Easter eggs supports the artists, and their families, please read the Booja Chronicles on the Booja-Booja website.

As I said before each egg is unique so the images are just for illustration, making it a rather fun luck-dip Easter egg surprise.

Booja Booja Chocolate Truffle Easter Egg Designs

The rather fabulous organic chocolate truffles are dark chocolate ganache, made with 56% cocoa, with sticky toffee and banana, making banoffee, and dusted with cocoa powder – which gives a sharp bitterness before the creamy melt in the mouth centre.

Made in Norfolk, UK all Booja-Booja chocolate truffles are organic, vegan, dairy and gluten free.

£9.95, 35g of chocolate truffles and a unique keepsake egg, available from the Chocolate Trading Company and John Lewis.

Labelled: Organic, Vegetarian, Vegan, Dairy Free, Gluten Free and GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) Free.

Banoffee Toffee replaced the Flambed Banana flavour in Booja Booja’s chocolate truffle range.