Artisan du Chocolat’s Chocolate Box Easter Eggs

Artisan du Chocolat Easter Eggs:

  1. The Kaleidoscope Egg
  2. The Hummingbird Egg
  3. The Chocolates

Artisan du Chocolat’s Chocolate Box Easter Eggs, luxury chocolate Easter eggs nestled in ribbon tied chocolate boxes, with a selection of artisan chocolates.

Each of the beautifully designed Artisan du Chocolat Easter eggs are presented as the top layer of an Easter egg shaped chocolate box, this layer slides away to open the box and reveal a selection of Artisan du Chocolat’s signature chocolates hidden below.

The chocolate boxes spring yellow on the inside and decorated on the outside with a pattern made up of fans of petals in blue, yellow and pink; matching the yellow inside and complimenting the plush turquoise ribbon used to fasten the box.

The Kaleidoscope Egg

The Kaleidoscope Easter Egg is decorated with drops naturally coloured sugar, which perfectly match the colours in the pattern on the outside of the chocolate box, adding texture to the dulce de leche milk chocolate.

Artisan du Chocolat's Kaleidoscope Easter Egg

This milk chocolate egg is available in a choice of two sizes, from the Artisan du Chocolat website.

£24.99£42.99, 290g – 500g.

Labelled: Vegetarian and Alcohol Free.

The Hummingbird Egg

Decorated with a streak of gold and a cut-out circle The Hummingbird Easter Egg becomes a bird house, a place for edible hummingbirds to rest.

Artisan du Chocolat's Hummingbird Easter Egg

Crafted in a choice of Ecuadorian dark chocolate or dulce de leche milk chocolate in two different sizes, part of the “As Above, So Below Easter Collection” by Artisan du Chocolat.

£24.99£42.99, 290g – 500g.

Labelled: Vegetarian and Alcohol Free.

The Chocolates

The chocolates, within the hidden layer, combine Artisan du Chocolat’s signature chocolates with a selection of seasonal filled chocolate mini eggs; the mini eggs form a circle round the other chocolates and are filled with fabulous flavours including Colombian coffee hazelnut, roasted coconut, mango coulis, yuzu – Japanese lemon with classic dark chocolate ganache and milk chocolate ganache.

Exquisite chocolates and chocolate Easter eggs handmade by artisan chocolatiers in London, England; Artisan du Chocolat.