Chocolate Easter Eggs

Luxury chocolate Easter eggs, Easter chocolate and everything chocolaty.

Chocolate Easter Eggs - where to buy them and who is selling what type of Chocolate Easter Eggs. Easter 2014, in the UK, is Sunday the 20th of April.

Hotel Chocolat End of Easter Half Price Sale

The chocolate part of the Easter weekend may not be over…

Hotel Chocolat Chocolate Sale

Hotel Chocolat has a half price sale on Easter eggs and Easter chocolate.

The perfect way to try the eggs you wanted but didn’t get or to get more of the chocolate you loved.

Hotel Chocolat has a commitment to freshness so the chocolate and chocolate Easter eggs have a shorter shelf live than most other chocolate – so they have to sell it.

You can see all the sale items here.

Hotel Chocolat Easter Eggs 2014

Hotel Chocolat’s 2014 Easter egg collection includes the biggest Easter eggs, with the giant Ostrich eggs, extra thick Easter eggs, innovative eggs with the new Facet egg and fun eggs called Splat eggs.

Hotel Chocolat have a large range of Easter eggs and Easter chocolate, with over twenty different eggs to choose from, classic eggs are back for 2014 and new eggs have been added to the selection so you will be able to get your favourite egg and try something new.

Hotel Chocolat's 2013 Chocolate Easter Eggs

Ostrich Easter Eggs

The two largest Hotel Chocolat Easter eggs are the enormous Ostrich eggs, each egg is two thick chocolate shells with a selection of chocolates; a chocolate box layer of Easter chocolates and mini gold foil wrapped chocolate eggs. Both eggs are presented in black and gold boxes.

The Classic Ostrich Egg, also called The Milk Chocolate Ostrich Easter egg, is made with 40% milk chocolate studded with cookie pieces, crispy puffed rice and chunks of white chocolate and comes with a selection of twenty-nine, milk and dark chocolate, Easter chocolates.

Largest Easter Egg from Hotel Chocolat

Biggest Easter Egg from Hotel Chocolat

The Half and Half Ostrich Easter egg, or The Dark Chocolate Ostrich Easter egg, is half dark chocolate and half milk chocolates. One shell made with 70% dark chocolate and the other half is made from 50% milk chocolate, the selection of, twenty-nine, chocolates are similar to the Milk Chocolate Ostrich Easter egg but with more of a dark chocolate theme.

Both giant Ostrich Eggs are presented as ribbon tied foil wrapped eggs, nestled in chic black tissue paper inside the ribbon tied hatbox style boxes, below the eggs is a drawer with the complimenting collections of Easter chocolates inside, and another ribbon holds the lid in place. The very impressive Ostrich Easter eggs are £75.00 each and weigh just over a kilo in weight, the milk chocolate egg is just a little heavier.

Facet Easter Eggs

New for Easter 2014 are Hotel Chocolat’s Facet Eggs, these quirky eggs are both unusual and interesting. Easter eggs are essentially one shape, the egg shape, the Facet eggs play with geometry, the classic egg shape is changed by adding hexagonal pyramids, which curve perfectly with the shell of the egg, creating the rather beautiful Facet Easter eggs. Even then boxes the Facet eggs comes in are different.

Milk Chocolate Facet Easter Egg

Dark Chocolate Facet Easter Egg

There are two Facet eggs, the milk chocolate Facet egg and the dark chocolate Facet egg, both are exactly the same shape, just different types of chocolate. The milk chocolate version is made from 40% cocoa milk chocolate and the dark chocolate egg is made with 70% cocoa dark chocolate.

Both eggs are 200g and are £20.00 each.

Extra Thick Easter Eggs

Hotel Chocolat’s Extra Thick Easter eggs are fast becoming a must have for Easter, these luxury Easter eggs are very popular; large Easter eggs with two chunky extra thick shell halves filled with a selection of Easter chocolates inside matching the flavours and type of chocolate the egg is made from.

In total there are seven Hotel Chocolat Extra Thick Easter eggs in different combinations of milk, white or dark chocolate:

Caramel Chocolate Extra Thick Easter Egg

Dark Chocolate Extra Thick Easter Egg

Rocky Road to Caramel, a milk chocolate extra thick egg, the Rocky Road half is 40% milk chocolate covered in crispy puffed rice, cookies and chocolate chunks and the caramel half is also 40% cocoa with a layer of caramel chocolate, accompanied by twelve milk chocolate Easter chocolates.

For dark chocolate fans there the is the Serious Dark Fix egg, both egg halves are made with Hotel Chocolat’s, award winning, 70% cocoa dark chocolate. Inside the extra thick dark chocolate egg are twelve dark chocolates with classic flavour combinations and boozy centres.

Milk Chocolate Extra Thick Easter Egg

Childrens Milk Chocolate Extra Thick Easter Egg

Inside the chunky, 40% milk chocolate, Egglet egg are twelve Egglets, flavoured mini eggs, in a selection of milk, white and dark chocolate filled with caramel, praline and fruity truffles. This was previously called The Eggsibitionist egg.

Chocolate chicks, Easter bunnies, smiley faces and chocolate fried eggs are packed into the fun You Crack Me Up egg, a milk and white chocolate egg – ideal for children or “big kids”.

Chocolate Truffle filled Extra Thick Easter Egg

White Chocolate Extra Thick Easter Egg

One for the adults – Your Eggscellency is half dark chocolate and half milk chocolate with a selection of twelve alcohol infused chocolate truffles, including; ruby port, mojito cocktail, Champagne, amaretto and gin – hick!

White chocolate is showcased in the White & Light egg, thick white chocolate shells and twelve white chocolates; flavoured white chocolate Egglets, chocolate bunnies and white chocolate mini slabs.

Hotel Chocolat Extra Thick Easter eggs are not only larger than other eggs but the shell is up to three times thicker, so more chocolate. Each egg is £28.00 and is presented in hat box style box.

The seventh is egg is a little different, made with cocoa from the Rabot Estate the Hotel Chocolat Rabot 1745 Extra Thick Easter Egg showcases dark chocolate in a variety of cocoa strengths.

Hotel Chocolat Rabot 1745 Extra Thick Easter Egg

One half of the egg is made with 75% cocoa dark chocolate from Trinidad and the other shell half is made with 70% Saint Lucia Island Growers milk chocolate and inside the chocolates tasting squares are made with even more cocoa variations.

A little more expensive, and a smidge less chocolate, than the other Extra Thick Easter eggs at £30.00, but the same thick shells made with chocolate from around the world.

Children’s Easter Eggs

Hotel Chocolat’s children’s Easter eggs or the Tiddly Eggs as they used to be known are called Chirp and Hop.

Chirp Children's Easter Egg

Chirp Children's Easter Egg

The Chirp egg is a white chocolate egg, coloured bright yellow, with a selection of Tiddly Chicks and Bow Tie Bunnies in milk and dark chocolate. The Hop egg is caramel chocolate with the same chocolates. Both eggs are presented sitting in tubs with the chocolates inside.

The cheapest eggs in Hotel Chocolat’s Easter range at £7.00 each.

Splat Easter Eggs

Another new range for 2014 from Hotel Chocolat, the fun Splat eggs, four chocolate Easter eggs with splats of chocolate on one side adding flavour and texture, and making them rather amusing.

The milk Splat Easter egg is made from 40% cocoa milk chocolate with a splat of white chocolate, coloured pink. Also made with milk chocolate with splat of white chocolate is the caramel Splat Easter egg, but as the name suggests the milk chocolate is caramel flavoured and the splat is yellow rather than pink.

Hotel Chocolat Milk Splat Easter Egg

Hotel Chocolat Caramel Splat Easter Egg

The white Splat Easter egg is the caramel Splat egg in reverse, a white chocolate egg with a splat of caramel chocolate.

Made with 70% cocoa dark chocolate the dark Splat Easter egg is finished with a splat of pink chocolate, coloured white chocolate.

Hotel Chocolat White Splat Easter Egg

Hotel Chocolat Dark Splat Easter Egg

Presented in clear tube style boxes, colour coordinated with the eggs inside, you can see the colourful Splat eggs inside.

Each egg is 150g and £12.50 each.

Easter Egg Sandwiches

Hotel Chocolat’s Easter Egg Sandwiches may be smaller than their other Easter eggs but they are packed with flavour and chocolate. Each egg is made of two Easter egg halves which been squished into two slabs of chocolate and sandwiched back-to-back and packaged in sandwich, style, boxes to create the colourful, fun and tasty Easter Eggs Sandwiches.

The sandwich eggs come in three different flavours:

Caramel Chocolate Easter Egg Sandwich

Neapolitan White Chocolate Easter Egg Sandwich

Mint Dark Chocolate Easter Egg Sandwich

The Crispy Caramel sandwich is smooth caramel milk chocolate with crispy feuilletine and cocoa biscuits for crunch.

Based on a ice-cream sandwich, with the flavours of the classic ice-cream is the Neapolitan is white chocolate flavoured with strawberry and vanilla with milk chocolate and on top crisp strawberry pieces.

And for later the on in the evening the After Dark egg combines 70% cocoa dark chocolate and mint, filled with mint crisps and topped with a sprinkling of crunchy cocoa nibs.

Small chocolate Easter eggs packed with flavour. Each Easter Egg Sandwich is £8.50, 100g.


These are just the Easter eggs from Hotel Chocolat for Easter 2014, they also have a huge selection of Easter chocolates, a massive selection non-Easter chocolate on thier website; Hotel Chocolat.

In summary:

Box of Easter Egg Hunt Chocolates

All available to buy now from the Hotel Chocolat website or from John Lewis.

Green & Black’s Chocolate Tasting Easter Egg

Chocolate Tasting Easter Egg with Miniature Chocolate Bars

Green & Black’s Chocolate Tasting Easter egg, a dark chocolate Easter eggs with twenty four miniature chocolate bars.

Buy Green & Black's Chocolate Tasting Easter Egg

The largest Easter egg from Green & Black’s; the largest box at least all of Green & Black’s eggs are the same size, the boxes are different sizes and shapes depending on whether you get just the egg or Easter eggs with chocolate bars.

The box itself is suitably impressive, a dark brown base with brightly coloured egg shaped swirls; the front of the box has two little windows in the top window you can see the foil wrapped egg inside and below that a window with a few of the miniature chocolate bars peeping through, finished with gold embossed letting and birds.

Inside the box is the 70% dark chocolate eggs, organic and fairtrade, covered in gold foil, bittersweet plain chocolate with Green & Black’s unique flavour and aroma.

Green and Blacks Chocolate Tasting Collection Contents

Sitting below the egg are two boxes of miniature chocolate bars;

A box of mini milk chocolate bars, with white chocolate bars; including butterscotch, almond, raisin & hazelnut, and two types of milk chocolate.

Green & Black's Milk Chocolate Miniature Bar Collection

Green & Black's Dark Chocolate Miniature Bar Collection

Included in the mini dark chocolate bars collection are hazelnut, hazelnut & current, cherry, ginger, 70% dark chocolate and 85% dark chocolate.

A total of twenty-four mini chocolate bars, two of each of the twelve different flavours.

Also in the with the Green & Black’s Chocolate Tasting Easter egg are a stack of tasting note cards, one for each flavour, and on the back of the cards are recipes for cocktails, desserts, drinks and biscuits.

A great Easter gift for anyone that wants to know a little bit more about chocolate, the different flavours and types, how to cook with chocolate or how else chocolate can be used; or a great way to sample a variety of Green & Black’s chocolate.

£14.99, 450g, dark chocolate Easter egg and 24 miniature chocolate bars.

Labelled: Vegetarian, Fairtrade and Organic.

Gift Sets & Hampers

You can by Green & Black’s Chocolate Tasting Easter Egg as a single egg or in gift sets and hampers;

The tasting egg is included in two different organic wine gift sets with either a bottle of white wine or a bottle of red wine, both gift sets are presented in a ribbon tied gift box.

Green & Black's Chocolate Tasting Easter Egg with White Wine Gift Set

Green & Black's Chocolate Tasting Easter Egg with Red Wine Gift Set

The tasting egg is also included in the Green & Black’s Easter hamper.

Your Eggsellency Extra Thick Easter Egg

Hotel Chocolat Your Eggsellency Extra Thick Easter Egg

Hotel Chocolat’s Your Eggsellency Extra Thick Easter egg, two thick egg halves one dark chocolate half and one milk chocolate half, filled with a selection of boozy chocolate truffles.

Buy Hotel Chocolat Your Eggsellency Easter Egg

I love milk chocolate and dark chocolate, not just one or the other and so do a lot of people. You can always get a milk chocolate Easter egg or a dark chocolate Easter egg – it’s not that often that you can treat yourself, oops I mean buy someone else, a half dark and half milk chocolate Easter egg. So this is quite a rare find.

This delicious looking egg “Your Eggsellency” is by Hotel Chocolat and is a staple in Extra Thick Easter Eggs collection. The contrast in colour between the milk and dark chocolate shells is rather beautiful and really sets of the boozy chocolate truffles inside, which I haven’t even mentioned yet.

Hotel Chocolat Your Eggsellency Extra Thick Easter Egg with Box

Hotel Chocolat’s Extra Thick Easter Eggs have shells which are up to three times thicker that standard chocolate eggs and the two egg shell halves are individually wrapped in foil with the sealed chocolates inside. For Easter 2014 the Extra Thick eggs have new boxes and the Your Eggsellency egg has new chocolate truffle flavours.

Chocolate Truffles Inside The Hotel Chocolat Your Eggsellency Extra Thick Easter Egg

Twelve real cream ganaches truffles in six different boozy flavours;

  • Champagne Chocolate Truffle: A soft white chocolate centre with a dash of real champagne a white chocolate shell.
  • Gin Truffle: London dry gin ganache in a striped dark chocolate shell.
  • Rum Truffle: Milk chocolate with rum; premium dark rum in creamy milk chocolate truffle.
  • Mojito Cocktail: A white chocolate truffle with rum, mint and lime to recreate the classic cocktail in chocolate form.
  • Ruby Port Truffle: Special reserve ruby port perfectly matched with deep, dark chocolate.
  • Amaretto Amour Chocolate Truffle: Creamy truffle with a dash of amaretto and a sprinkle of crushed amaretti biscuit on the chocolate shell.

A chocolate Easter egg for adults with a 40% cocoa milk chocolate half and a 70% cocoa dark chocolate half, filled with twelve luxury alcohol infused chocolate truffles.

£28.00, 375g, chocolate truffle filled Easter egg.

Labelled: Vegetarian.

Chococo Heavenly Honeycombe Dark Chocolate Easter Egg

Chococo Heavenly Honeycombe Dark Chocolate Easter Egg

A dairy free dark chocolate Easter egg, with chunks of honeycomb and decorated with edible gold, the rather wonderful Chococo Heavenly Honeycombe dark chocolate Easter egg.

Buy the Dark Chocolate Chococo Heavenly Honeycombe Easter Egg now

Handmade in Dorset this dark chocolate egg is made from 70% cocoa, dairy free, chocolate and the outside is decorated with piped line of dark chocolate, creating ridges, and dusted with shimmering edible gold.

Inside the Chococo Heavenly Honeycombe egg are large chunks of handmade honeycomb*, fixed to the inside of shell with a layer of dark chocolate.

Chococo Heavenly Honeycombe Dark Chocolate Easter Egg (Inside)

The chocolate, from Grenada, is fragrant but not too strong or overpowering – even at 70%. The aroma is warm and inviting; the flavour is rich without being bitter and has only slight acidity to it. The honeycomb is light and crunchy, dissolving to chewy and sweet. Both are fantastic by themselves, but combined they create a beautiful taste – which has to experienced.

* the Chococo honeycomb is made with honey from Field Honey Farms in Dorset and Rainforest Alliance sugar.

£12.95 inc P&P, 175g, from Chococo in Dorset.

Thorntons Easter Eggs 2014

The 2014 Easter egg range from Thorntons chocolate, a selection of Easter eggs including favourites from previous years and new eggs for Easter 2014, a large selection of white, dark and milk chocolate eggs for young and old made from Thorntons chocolate.

Thorntons 2012 Chocolate Easter Eggs Collection

Great British Puds Easter Eggs

Easter 2014 sees three new flavours for Thorntons “Great British Puds” eggs, chocolate Easter eggs flavoured like classic fruity desserts, and the return of the Banoffee Pie egg.

Real slices of banana and pieces of Thorntons Special Toffee decorate the front of the milk chocolate Banoffee Pie Easter egg; to recreate the classic flavours in a Banoffee pie.

Made from white chocolate and inspired by fruity cheesecake, the Raspberry Cheesecake Easter egg is flavoured and decorated with raspberries, turning the chocolate pink and finished off with biscuit pieces.

Thorntons Banoffee Pie Easter Egg

Thorntons Raspberry Cheesecake Easter Egg

A dark chocolate egg with Thorntons fudge, walnut and brownie pieces create the Fudge Brownie egg.

And last but not least, an ingenuous and slightly quirky egg made with mixed spice and orange peel to recreate the flavours of a traditional Easter fruit bun the Hot Cross Bun Easter egg, which is even decorated with a white chocolate cross, to make it look like the real thing.

Thorntons Fudge Brownie Easter Egg

Thorntons Hot Cross Bun Easter Egg

Thorntons Great British Pub eggs are thicker and larger than their normal eggs, and are presented in clear boxes with the decoration at the front – colourful, fun and tasty.

£14.99 each, between 400g and 425g, three of the eggs are on offer at three for £25.00, but not the Hot Cross Bun egg.

Thorntons Collections Easter Eggs

Thorntons have very popular chocolate and confectionary ranges and their collection Easter eggs reflect this, chocolate Easter eggs based on classic Thorntons chocolates – all of the eggs are milk chocolate, but each egg is a little different.

New for 2014 is the Smiles Easter Egg, a fun milk chocolate egg with a big, dark chocolate, smile on the front and a bag of white and milk chocolate Thorntons Smiles.

The Fabulous Fudge Easter egg has pieces of fudge in the shell of the egg and comes with a slab of fudge.

Thorntons Chocolate Smiles Easter Egg

Thorntons Fabulous Fudge Easter Egg

Thorntons Special Toffee is showcased in the Special Toffee Easter egg and comes with a slab of Thorntons Special Toffee and pieces of toffee in the shell of the egg.

The Moments Easter Egg comes with a selection of Thorntons Moments.

Thorntons Special Toffee Easter Egg

Thorntons Moments Easter Egg

The second Thorntons Classics Easter egg, smaller than the luxury version, is a milk chocolate egg with a selection of milk, dark and white Thorntons Classics.

From the No Added Sugar collection is Thorntons No Added Sugar Easter egg with a selection of Thorntons No Added Sugar chocolates.

Thorntons Classics Easter Egg

Thorntons No Added Sugar Easter Egg

£6.99 each or 5 for £20.00, weights range from 218g to 295g.

Chunky Easter Eggs

Thorntons Chunky Easter eggs are just that, extra thick chocolate shells in a choice of dark, white and milk chocolate, simple plain chocolate without any fuss – just chunkier than their other eggs.

Thorntons Milk Chocolate Chunky Easter Egg

Thorntons Dark Chocolate Chunky Easter Egg

Thorntons White Chocolate Chunky Easter Egg

All three eggs have the same design, a swirl pattern embossed in the shell of the chocolate eggs, and they can be personalised with a name or a short message.

£6.99 each or 5 for £20.00, 320g of chunky chocolate.

Children’s Easter Eggs

There are six different novelty Easter eggs from Thorntons, small chocolate Easter eggs with cute chocolate decorations on the front, in milk and white chocolate, perfect for children.

The Rocket Easter egg is milk chocolate egg with a white chocolate space rocket on the front with orange coloured white chocolate flames coming out of the rocket, and in the shell of the egg are outlines planets and stars. The white chocolate Harry Hopalot egg has a milk chocolate bunny on the front, Harry Hopalot who features on a few other Easter chocolates from Thorntons for Easter 2014.

Childrens Rocket Easter Egg

Harry Hopalot Easter Egg

A very popular egg last year, the milk chocolate Football egg has a white and dark chocolate football decoration, in a blue box. New for 2014 is the Shining Star egg in a pink box, the milk chocolate egg has white, pink and dark chocolate stars on the front in a starburst pattern.

Footy Fanatic Easter Egg

Thorntons Shining Star Easter Egg

Two more new designs for this year are the Scooter egg and the Cupcake egg, both milk chocolate eggs with white chocolate decortion, the Scooter egg egg in a blue box with a moped on the front and the Cupcake egg in a pink box with a cupcake design.

Scooter Easter Egg

Cupcake Easter Egg

Fun chocolate Easter eggs from Thortons, £3.99 each (when not on offer) and the weights range from 150g to 161g.

Thorntons Easter Eggs

These are not quite all of the Thorntons eggs, I have a few more to add.
In summary:

  • More eggs to come.
  • Thorntons gluten free eggs; all of Thorntons Easter eggs are listed as gluten free (no gluten containing ingredients).

Milk Chocolate Dairy Free Easter Egg

Milk Chocolate Dairy Free Easter Egg

Moo Free’s dairy free milk chocolate alternative Easter egg for, vegan and lactose intolerant, children.


Moo Free are a chocolate company who wanted to make dairy free chocolate which still has a smooth and creamy taste, they now make chocolate is dairy free chocolate, gluten free, egg free, vegetarian and vegan.

Because this my first try of Moo Free chocolate and this is a rather unique egg, I don’t know of any other dairy free “milk chocolate” eggs, I thought I would taste test it with a few friends. So I got together two vegans, two non-vegans and two children, and got them to try it.

The vegans really liked it and the non-vegans didn’t so much, so a 50/50 Marmite result. Both of the kids really like it with comments like “nice” and “any more?” and as this is mainly aimed at kids I would say that was a good result.

Moo Free Milk Chocolate Dairy Free Easter Egg

The chocolate does smell like milk chocolate and is a little darker in colour, it is smooth and creamy (however, one “reviewer” did comment it was a little bit grainy) but for me and the other non-vegans it didn’t taste like milk chocolate.

I personally enjoyed the Moo Free Easter egg, but to me the egg tastes a little like rice – I am not sure if it really does taste like rice or if there was a flavour I could not put my finger on and because I had already read the ingredients my brain decided it was the rice powder I could taste.

It’s a new flavour, not quite milk chocolate but defiantly not dark chocolate, I would buy this for anyone that wanted a dairy free milk chocolate Easter egg.

For more information about Moo Free, ingredients lists, full dietary details and where else to buy the eggs see the Moo Free website.

£6.49, 100g milk chocolate dairy free Easter egg from the Selfridges.

More Moo Free Easter Eggs

Moo Free have two new flavours for 2014, the same dairy free milk chocolate idea – but with added flavours.

The Bunnycomb Easter egg has pieces of vegan friendly honeycomb toffee in the chocolate.

Moo Free Bunnycomb Easter Egg

Moo Free Hazelnut Easter Egg

And the Hazelnut Easter egg has caramelised hazelnut nibs in the shell.

£6.99 each, 100g of dairy free milk chocolate with added flavours.

Labelled: Vegan (certified), Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Organic and Vegetarian.

The Heston Blumenthal Easter Egg

A dark chocolate Easter egg from Heston Blumenthal, part of the HESTON from Waitrose, a luxury Easter eggs with mini eggs inside, with a little Heston Blumenthal culinary magic.

The Heston Blumenthal Easter Egg

When I first heard about the Heston Blumenthal Easter egg I couldn’t wait to try it, even the box looks intriguing; a simple black cube with a ribbon handle on top and a “x-ray” of the chocolate Easter egg inside.

The shell of the Heston egg is made from 65% dark chocolate, this has a two tone effect with the glossy dark chocolate at the top and bottom and a band of hand sprayed chocolate round the middle, giving the egg a unique velvet finish.

Heston Blumenthal Easter Egg

Inside the dark chocolate egg are six milk chocolate mini eggs resting in a nest; the mini eggs are decorated to look like speckled hens eggs and are filled with mandarin ganache and the nest is made from vanilla flavour edible paper.

I really wanted to try this egg, but I just couldn’t find it in time – it isn’t on the Waitrose site and i could not find it in my local store, however I have managed to find it on ocado, just too late for me to get it try it and add I to my site. There are only meant to be 8,000 of The Heston Blumenthal Easter Egg so maybe they sold out and only ocado have stock left, anyway if anyone from Waitrose is reading this I would still like to try the egg, please feel free to get in touch.

£20.00, 370g.

Easter Egg Hunt Eggs

Easter egg hunts are just lots of fun, I love them, they bring out the children in us all, and they are a great activity to keep both the kids and adults entertained over the Easter weekend.

Box of Easter Egg Hunt Chocolates

There are a few different ways to run your own Easter egg hunts, depending on the age of the children (or adults), the amount of children and how many eggs you want to buy or you can just pop along to an organised egg hunt in your area.

One of the most important elements to your own Easter egg hunt, apart from enjoying yourself of course, are the eggs.

I personally think there are two different styles of egg; for larger groups and organised events smaller eggs and cheaper eggs are usually used and for smaller Easter egg hunts, round the garden or house, slightly better eggs work. I prefer eggs without boxes, but of course not matter what type of egg you use, they should be wrapped.

Easter Egg Hunt Kits

There are a few Easter egg hunt kits available to create your own egg hunt at home, these are normally small kits for families or small groups, with foil wrapped eggs and clue markers.

The Cadbury Easter Egg Trail Packs have ten hollow chocolate eggs and a bag of Cadbury Mini Eggs as the prize.

Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt Pack

£4.09, 229g, from Cadbury’s Easter range, who also have larger kits with the Cadbury Easter Egg Trail Packs included.

Dubble, by Divine Chocolate, have Easter egg hunt kits in egg boxes; six hollow fairtrade milk chocolate eggs with cut out signs and you can download more signs from the Dubble site.

Beano Dubble Easter Egg Hunt Kit

The Beano Dubble Easter egg hunt kits are available as single boxes for £4.25 or in a bulk box of six for £20.40 from the Ethical Superstore or Oxfam.

Easter Egg Hunt Eggs in Bulk

Every now and then you just need a kilo or two of chocolate mini eggs and luckily you can buy them from The Chocolate Trading Company they foiled mini eggs by the bucketload, well in bags and drums.

The solid milk chocolate foiled mini eggs come in a bags of 100 or 635 (3kg) each egg measure 2.5cm, perfect for large Easter egg hunts.

Assorted Mini Chocolate Easter Egg Hunt Eggs

Pink Foil Wrapped Chocolate Mini Eggs

Blue Foil Wrapped Chocolate Mini Eggs

Green Foil Wrapped Chocolate Mini Eggs

Gold Foil Wrapped Chocolate Mini Eggs

The do go out of stock fast, to either pre-order or you could try the Lindt mini eggs in a 2kg drum.

Lindt Mini Eggs Drum

The Lindt Mini Eggs are the same size, each egg is about 25mm tall, they are also solid milk chocolate and are in an assortment of different coloured foil wrappers.

Filled Mini Eggs

The Chocolate Trading Company also have filled mini eggs, praline or fruit flavoured chocolate filling in milk, white and dark chocolate shells. Sold in bags of 20, 80 or a 3kg drum of 230, these eggs are larger then the other eggs, measuring 3.5cm tall.

Hollow Easter Egg Hunt Eggs

These eggs are much bigger than the solid eggs, they are unboxed and foil wrapped and hollow.

Cadburys have two types of hollow eggs ideal for hiding about the house or garden, the Cadbury Eggheads, these are brightly coloured with cheeky faces on the foil and come in an assortment of fun designs.

Cadbury Eggheads

The other eggs are the Cadbury Treasure Eggs, these come in two different flavours – although hollow they do have two mini eggs inside.

Cadbury Dairy Milk Treasure Egg

Cadbury Mini Eggs Treasure Egg

The Eggheads are £1.09 each and the Treasure Eggs are £1.95 from Cadbury Gifts Direct.

You can of course have any combination of eggs for your Easter egg hunt; whenever I have one I normally have one large Easter egg per child/person, which has their name and they have to find, so everyone gets at least one larger egg and lots of little eggs hollow and filled for everyone to find as they look for their larger eggs. Just have fun with it.

Malteaster Maltesers Easter Egg

Malteaster Maltesers Easter Egg

A treat for a Maltesers lover a luxury Malteaster egg! A hollow milk chocolate egg with four cute Maltesers Malteaster bunnies, with big ears.

Buy Malteaster Maltesers Easter Egg

The “Malteaster” egg Maltesers at Easter.

The Maltesers you know and adore reshaped into cute Malteaster Bunnies with a standard milk chocolate Easter egg, hollow and foil wrapped.

The bunnies have the same crunchy centre as Maltesers with the same chocolate round the outside, but the bunnies are larger and the chocolate is thicker. The Malteaster Bunnies are quite chunky and less crisp and the flavour is denser than the normal Maltesers, I actually prefer the flavour of the bunnies.

Malteaster Bunnies

When I first came across this egg, a few years ago, is was quite easy to find online, but since then it has become harder and harder to find – it is available from most supermarkets, but difficult to find online. I have managed to find it at ocado, where it is on offer. Which is perfect, but ocado do have a minimun spend – so if you are just after the Malteaster Maltesers Easter Egg a supermarket might be better, however if you are planning on buying lots of eggs (ocado have a lot to choose from) or you are doing your weekly shop, then they are great.

Just go to ocado and type in “Malteaster”, the egg and the Bunny Bars should show up.

The egg weighs 198g and each of the bunnies 29g, 314g in total.

“No actual Maltesers were hurt during the making of these Bunnies”

£6.40, 314g whilst on offer.

Labelled: Vegetarian.

Montezuma’s Eco Eggs

Montezuma’s Eco Eggs, made with organic chocolate with more environmentally friendly packaging than other Easter eggs; the eco-eggs from Montezuma’s chocolate.

Montezuma’s Eco-Eggs come in two different flavours, both made from organic chocolate;

The organic dark chocolate with cocoa nibs Eco-Egg is made from 73% cocoa dark chocolate with cocoa nibs in the shell for extra crunch and depth of flavour, the dark chocolate egg is listed as vegan – but not dairy free.


Montezuma's Vegan Dark Chocolate Free Range Easter EggMontezuma's Eco Egg Milk Chocolate and Orange


The organic milk chocolate with orange Eco-Egg is made from 37% cocoa milk chocolate and flavoured with sweet orange oil.

Hollow chocolate eggs with minimal packaging; wrapped in foil, which can be recycled as aluminium, and then an outer casing of recycled card, which is recyclable, compostable and biodegradable, Montezuma’s Eco-Eggs are the most environmentally friendly eggs available to buy online. The outer packaging is even designed to save space in the recycling bin!

£7.99, 150g each, more environmentally friendly Easter eggs from Montezuma’s.

Labelled: Vegetarian, GM Free, Gluten Free and Organic (Dark chocolate egg is Vegan).

Green & Black’s Largest Easter Egg Hamper

A Wicker Hamper filled with Green & Black's Easter Eggs

Green & Black’s largest Easter egg hamper, or as they call it the Ultimate Easter Egg Hamper, filled with a selection of their most popular milk and dark chocolate eggs from their Easter range.

Green & Black’s Largest Easter Egg Hamper contains:

Five Easter Eggs:

  • The Easter Tasting Collection egg, a 70% cocoa dark chocolate Easter egg with an assortment of twenty-four miniature chocolates bars in milk, dark and white chocolate.
  • Green & Black’s Milk Chocolate Collection Easter egg, a milk chocolate egg with two full sized chocolate bars; a 100g milk chocolate with butterscotch and a 100g milk chocolate with sea salt.
  • In my opinion the best G&B Easter egg, the Butterscotch Easter egg; a milk chocolate shell with crunchy butterscotch pieces in the chocolate.
  • The Mint egg, a dark chocolate Easter egg infused with peppermint oil.
  • The Dark egg, 70% cocoa dark chocolate, nothing more nothing less.

All the of the chocolate Easter eggs presented in a traditional wicker hamper with a leather handle and buckle fasteners, which can be reused as a picnic basket or a decorative storage box.

Green & Black’s largest Easter egg hamper is a limited edition and an online exclusive from Green & Black’s Direct.

£65.00, approximately 1385g of chocolate.

Labelled: Organic, Vegetarian, Fairtrade and Gluten Free.

Where to buy chocolate Easter eggs online, the types of eggs and types of chocolate

A blog about Easter chocolate and where to buy chocolate Easter Eggs online, including a wonderful selection of white chocolate eggs, rich dark chocolate Easter eggs and Easter eggs made from smooth milk chocolate.

Great care has been taken when labelling the Easter eggs and chocolate, splitting them into useful categories such as dairy free Easter eggs and gluten free Easter eggs.

I absolutely love chocolate and think Easter is one of the best times of the year. But Easter is not just about chocolate Easter eggs, there are some wonderful novelty chocolate gifts and fun chocolate Easter bunnies.


Hotel Chocolat are giving away a free box of chocolates with all orders over £35, excluding delivery.

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